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European Association Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT)

The European Association Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT) represents national professional Dance Movement Therapy associations in Europe, working actively to promote their further development of professional practice and the legal recognition of the profession. The EADMT assures and promotes the quality of Dance Movement Therapy practice and trainings in Europe for the protection of clients, professionals and institutions. The EADMT aims to nurture mutual respect of diversity and to foster exchange and collaboration between Member countries.

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The DMT Institute - Polish Institute for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy

The DMT Institute - Polish Institute for Dance and Movement Psychotherapy was established as the first independent centre in Poland to offer a complex training for dance movement psychotherapists. The training is a postgraduate programme, first established by Zuzanna Pedzich and Wioletta and Marek Gajowy in cooperation with Penelope Best. In 2008 the Institute's DMT Training was affiliated with the  and accredited by the . Since July, 2013 the Institute is directed by Zuzanna Pedzich and Malgorzata Wisniewska.

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Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK (ADMP UK)

ADMP UK is the professional organisation for the profession for DMP in the United Kingdom and was originally founded in 1982. ADMP UK aims to support the development of DMP in the UK and internationally; foster communication among Dance Movement Psychotherapists (DMPs); and promote the use of DMP throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

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American Dance Therapy Association

The American Dance Therapy Association was founded in 1966 as an organization to support the emerging profession of dance/movement therapy and is the only U.S. organization dedicated to the profession of dance/movement therapy.

Read more: www.adta.org