Ordinary members

To become an ordinary member of the Polish Dance Movement Psychotherapy Association you need to follow one of two paths:

1. Membership is open to those who complete trainings accredited by the Association. The only course that has met the requirements for accreditation so far is the one conducted by the Polish Institute for Dance/Movement Therapy. www.instytutdmt.pl. In 2008 the Institute's DMT Training was affiliated with the Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK.

2. People who have not completed a recommended training, but did complete another DMT course, meeting certain criteria, may apply for membership within the so-called “alternative path”. Such applications are subject to approval on an individual basis and the process may include meetings with the Board as well as participation in peer group supervision organised by the Association. The following criteria apply to courses other than those recommended by the Association:

The programme should encompass:

1. At least 700 teaching hours, including:

  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy Theory and Practice (no less than 350 hours),
  • Movement Analysis and Observation (no less than 100 hours),
  • Elementary Level Psychotherapy,
  • Group Process Theory,
  • Psychopathology or Clinical Psychology,
  • Developmental Psychology,
  • Experimental Anatomy or Human Anatomy,
  • Clinical Research Methodology in Dance Movement Psychotherapy,
  • Ethics,

2. A paper based on a case study involving work with a patient/group.
No less than 150 hours of clinical internship, including a minimum of 100 hours of Dance Movement Psychotherapy with a client.

3. No less than 150 hours of supervision, including a minimum of 40 hours of one-on-one supervision with a certified psychotherapy or DMT supervisor.

4. No less than 2 years of weekly psychotherapy sessions of the candidate.