Mission and goals

Our Association was established for 3 major reasons. Firstly, it was founded on our great passion. Secondly, out of the need for establishing a professional environment for all those who have chosen that passion to become their career path. It was also brought to life for the sake of patients and clients to guarantee the highest quality of service when they choose Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions with a psychotherapist - member of our Association.

We aim at developing standards for a new discipline in Poland – Dance Movement Psychotherapy. We create those standards in cooperation with Polish and international societies i.a. as members of European Association Dance Movement Therapy. As representatives of the Polish DMP community, we participate in developing a unified certification system for DMP therapists and supervisors.

We take on the task of ensuring the professional approach of Dance Movement Psychotherapists, supporting their development and helping them along their career paths.

We want to develop DMP concepts in Poland through experience exchange among professionals, research projects and publications of our research findings.

We also wish to promote DMP in Poland, so that we can reach all those who will choose DMP as the right path for them through therapy or personal growth

Stowarzyszenie Psychoterapia Tańcem i Ruchem - misja i celeStowarzyszenie Psychoterapia Tańcem i Ruchem - misja i cele